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Grevin museum tickets

Grevin museum tickets Grevin museum tickets

Grevin Museum offers the opportunity to meet worldwide emblematic figures of cinema, artistic, political or spiritual, near which you can take pictures.

Grevin Museum is composed of several historical and architectural parts, that you can admire.
Here you can spend the day with US President Barack Obama, you can meet Albert Einstein and you can bow to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth or in front of Mahatma Gandhi.
The Grevin Museum is a real time machine.
Children dressed as knights and medieval princesses can discover the secrets of the fabrication of wax characters - from sculpture and costumes, casts, to hair and makeup.
Children have the possibility to understand the process of creating a figurine, until its exposure, knowing that in a year, the Grevin Museum consume 100 kg of wax tubes 70 Oil painting makeup and 5 km for the sewing, and on the head of a figurine are implanted around 500,000 hairs.
If you come to Paris, you must visit with Aero Shuttle Paris Transfers the Grevin Museum.

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